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Composite Panels

In 2010, Eberhard Hardware Manufacturing Limited’s facility was upgrade to enable production of the CPT brand Composite panels. Composite panels have a wide variety of applications and are especially useful for the transportation industry due to its light weight and durability.

So you may be asking – What is a composite panel?

CPT’s composite panels lightweight structural panels allow for diversity in design of a vast array of industrial and commercial applications. They meet automotive requirements for straightness and curve capability, as well as high tech manufacturing specifications for flatness. Composite panels can be designed and engineered to have one or more of the following performance characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • Temperature and sound insulation
  • strength
  • Durability
  • Modular design for Easy assembly
  • Vibration dampening
  • Recyclability

If you’re still unsure of what these panel’s can be used for here are just a few examples of applications:

  • Truck and van bodies
  • Doors, Floors, Partitions, Ceilings
  • Boats, Emergency vehicles, RV’s, Buses, and trains
  • Storage and shipping containers
  • Clean rooms and office walls
  • Large format printer beds
  • Electronic Whiteboards
  • Architectural design and building facings.

CPT/CCV is a composite panel company located in British Columbia, with plants located in Tillsonburg, Ontario and North Carolina. By Combining hardware and panel production, Eberhard and CPT/CCV are able to create new innovative products for the transportation industry. For more information on composite panels visit

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