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Quality over Quantity

Quality over quantity is a lesson that we have been taught from a young age that many of us choose to ignore. Although sacrificing the quality of an item for an attractive price in high volume may save you money short- term and increase your profit margins, your company could be faced with complaints about the product or worse the customer may not come back. One of the reasons many of us chose to ignore this simple concept is the way our companies are structured – Businesses want to make money as quickly as possible with the highest margins. It seems more feasible to use lower quality items, produced rapidly in outsourced factories with minimal lead time per item due to the attractive price and high profit margin.

Though this system seems appealing – the concept of quality should not be overlooked. We live in era where word of mouth is extremely important. Whether it be through businesses or customer reviews of products, – you don’t want your product to be associated with poor workmanship. Due to the internet, there are many outlets to voice your opinion on products and services. Wouldn’t you prefer to buy a product with positive reviews, rather than a flood of disappointed customers and negative comments?

As a hardware manufacturer we choose to make quality a priority. From concept to production we design our products to be long lasting, and choose the best material to manufacturer them with. We offer our engineering services to our customer to design products for virtually any application, and suggest alternative products or coatings that would aid in the life of the product. At Eberhard Hardware we believe choosing quality over quantity will go a long way with having a positive reputation and increase product and brand loyalty.

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