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Top 5 Reasons Why Trade Shows are STILL Relevant (and why you should go!)

The ability to be seen and be heard by prospective clients is one of the biggest needs of any business. In today’s ever changing economy, businesses need to be more creative with their marketing endeavours to reach their target markets. The days of cold calling being effective do not seem to be in our favour. The days of showing up with a smile and a bag of products at a customers door has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Due to the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) sending email marketing campaigns has becoming more challenging than ever before – without expressed consent from a opt-in option, or written consent this marketing tool is virtually useless.

So what is still relevant in todays business world? Trade Shows.

Trade shows are a great marketing tool whether you’ve been in the business for years or just starting out. It is one of the best way to network, you will have a interested, like-minded audience right at your fingertips. It is also one of the most efficient ways to put your marketing dollars to use. Among these reasoning’s here are 5 more reasons you should exhibit or walk trade shows:

  1. Connections, connections, CONNECTIONS!:
    Did I mention that it is a great way to network? I meant it! Whether you strike up the conversation at the trade show, or just collect business cards -You are learning valuable names in the industry. Keep the conversations going and build that relationship after the tradeshow is done – Add them to LinkedIn, check out their website and email them.
  2. Excellent PR:
    Participating in trade shows tells competitors, current customers and prospects that your company is relevant, and financially strong. It keeps your name out in the industry and gives you a great opportunity to share new developments and successes. It shows your competiveness, that you’re not sitting back and letting the competition grab the spotlight. You can contact the trade shows public relations team to see if there are any opportunities for your booth to be featured. This can result in free exposure on social media, magazines and TV.
  3. Buyers:
    I already mentioned that networking is important, but according to a study from the Center for Exhibition Industry research in 2013, 81% of trade show attendees are buyers. That is saying 4 out of 5 attendees are the people who would buy your product. With odds that good how could you not think tradeshows are still a valuable marketing tool?
  4. Starting the Conversation:
    Exhibiting in a tradeshow is a great way to start the conversation on your social media platforms. Months before you can start to post about which trade show you will be exhibiting in. You can tweet or post to your LinkedIn or Facebook page about which booth you will be at and what product or service you will be focusing on.  Newsletters are great tool to use before your show to let the customers know when and where you will be while at the trade show. All of these tactics will aid in your top of mind awareness.
  5. Product Demonstrations:
    Now this may be an extremely obvious point to make, but its good to touch on. People attend trade shows to seek out new products and services. Visual aids, and physical products are crucial for customers. They want to be able to see, feel and hear about  the product before purchase, its a way of reassurance and help eliminate cognitive dissonance and buyers remorse. Having the ability to show the customer how  the product works, the FAB’s (Features, Advantages and Benefits) can fulfil a need that their business may have.

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