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Customer Service – The benefits of having it in-house

There is nothing worse than having a product or service issue, calling their help center and getting someone who can’t help you. You end up feeling more frustrated and irritated then when you started. So why do companies do this?  Well it can be cost and time efficient to out source your customer service to call centres to other parts of the world, you run the risk of losing the personable, knowledgeable and efficient resolution.

Here are our top 3 reasons to keep your customer service in house:

  1. Knowledgeable customer service employees – When you keep your customer service on location, you control the amount of training your employees receive. You can give them thorough training on your products, new promotions and your problem resolution action plans. You ensure that your employee can appropriately answer questions and suggest alternatives.
  2. Personal Interactions – Whether your customer service only handles complaints or if they also deal with the ordering process they will be a familiar voice for your customers. They wont have to wonder who they are talking to and if they are qualified to assist them. Having a well trained personable customer service team can help build relationships with your customers, which will aid in situations that need resolution and hopefully alleviate stress and doubt about your company.
  3. Quick Resolution – Though nothing is instantaneous, and there is a process for everything; having your customer service on site can help get the ball rolling in a more time efficient manner. You won’t have to deal with escalating your calls, and waiting weeks and weeks for a call from a supervisor- to find out your problem wasn’t fixed. Your customer service employees should know exactly who to speak with to create an appropriate action plan and give details to the customer.

At Eberhard Hardware Manufacturing Limited  we pride ourselves on our prompt, friendly and knowledgeable customer service. As a small Canadian business we are devoted to giving our customers the services they deserve, we offer our accounting, quality assurance, sales, engineering and customer service all under one roof so we can provide the best customer experience possible. Our customer service employee Betty-Anne is a fan favourite, she has the knowledge, positive attitude and determination to get the job done in a timely manner. She has created many positive relationships with our customers, and has been able to suggest alternative products in order to cut down on lead times and ensure the jobs done right.

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